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Featuring a 5/0 Owner Wide Gap Hook except the 5/16 oz it has a 3/0 Owner Wide Gap hook.

For more information on Southpaw Custom Jigs or to place an order contact us at

The following prices are for all jig sizes available: 5/16, 7/16, 9/16, 11/16, 3/4 ounces

 Jigs: $3.50           Jigs with Rattles: $4.25

 Colors Available:  Custom Colors made upon request

001  Black Blue

002   Black-Blue-Purple

003   Black-Brown-Amber

004   Black Neon-Pumpkin Green

005   Pumpkin Green-Orange-Chartreuse (Sunperch)

006   Black with Blue Glitter

007   Black-Brown-Blue

008   Black-Blue-Chartreuse

011   Black- Amber- Orange

015   Black Neon- Red
016   Black
017   Camouflage    

020  Watermelon-Red Flake                     


Jig Bite on the Red River on Southpaw Custom Jigs, 24+ lbs.

Thanks for the Jig Bite, Scott & Jason