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Russ McVey's Guide Service








    Russ McVey's Guide Service offers professional guided trips for Bass, Bream & Crappie (seasonal) on THE RED RIVER, CROSS LAKE and LAKE BISTINEAU 
Corporate & Family groups welcome !

  Living on the banks of Beautiful Lake Bistineau, Russ has fished Bistineau all his life. He has fished The Red River since it was opened to bass fishing - since 1995.   Russ has participated in local, state, and regional bass tournaments since 1985.  Considered one of the top anglers in Northwest Louisiana, Russ enjoys teaching the fundamentals of bass fishing, and can provide pointers for the professional bass fisherman as well as beginners. For the out-of-town fishermen, assistance in lodging is available. Gift certificates are also available for those hard to shop for friends and relatives.  


Russ McVey, record holder for the Largest Bass caught on the Red River . The13.63 lb. record Bass was caught on February 22,2006

Rates are as follows as of January 2018


$350 Full Day; Safe light till  2:30 / 3:00 p.m. (approx. 8 hours).


$240 Half Day; Safe Light till 11:00 a.m. (approx 4 hours)

$100 deposit required per day per boat. Refundable (call for details on refund). 

All tackle and gear included upon request at no additional charge. However, you can bring your rod and reels and tackle.


Assistance for the out of town anglers in locating lodging and restaurants.

For more information contact Russ McVey's Guide Service at:
Phone 318-464-2277 

e-mail address:

Aaron Lewis lead singer for the rock group Staind with a couple of Bistineau bass, a 6 lb. and 4 lber.

   Gift Certificates available for those special occasions and special anglers.


The Red River:
The Red River, being the new kid on the block, offers some of the best fishing to anglers looking for some large numbers of fish. Bass, Crappie, Big Bream, and huge Catfish are the most sought after fish from the river. The many log jams in the numerous oxbow lakes off the main river offer some of the best bassin around. As one angler noted " This ain't bass fishing, this is power fishing". Spinner baits, creature type baits, and jig-n-craws are the baits of choice on the Mighty Red.

Caddo Lake: 
Caddo Lake is a fascinating, mysterious natural lake of the swamps.  The Big lake section has wide expanses of broad water dotted at the eastern end with oil wells.   The contrasting mossy Break or Eagles Nest is where the world disappears behind walls of moss-bearded cypress trees to leave the fisherman feeling he is in a land of a million years ago.  Caddo Lake with it's cypress trees and lily pad fields create a perfect habitat for the Florida strain of bass.  Caddo has numerous 6-11 pound bass caught year-round.  This lake has excellent top-water and jig fishing.

Lake Bistineau: 
With it's dense cypress breaks and many sloughs and creeks, Lake Bistineau offers a person excellent fishing and breath-taking scenery. Lake Bistineau dates back almost 200 years. It began in 1800 when several thousand acres of land were flooded due to a gigantic log jam in the Red River. In 1935 a permanent dam was built across Loggy Bayou, creating the present-day Lake Bistineau. Since 1998, yearly stockings of Florida Bass have been introduced to Bistineau thanks to the BASS LIFE ORGANIZATION. The Cypress trees on Bistineau provide prefect habitat for the Florida Bass. Bistineau offers excellent jig and worm fishing and heart stopping top water fishing.